Past Student Projects

Project:  Dabney’s 2015 All-Stars

The 2015 All-Stars are a group of nine exceptional Master of Public Health and Emory College honors students who are conducting their thesis research under the direct supervision of Dr. Evans.  Each student participates in a pre-summer departure training prior to their summer field experience.  Field experiences are supervised via scheduled Skype communications and site visits.  After returning to campus each All-Star participates in a monthly group meeting which includes thesis writing workshops, writing and peer review sessions.  Each member of the All-Star team is expected to publish their final thesis product in the academic literature.

All-Stars Project:  HPV vaccine acceptability among mothers of Brazilian adolescents
Principal Investigator:  Jordan Burns
Location:  Salvador, Brazil
Partners: FIOCRUZ

All-Stars Project:  Challenges during the Ebola Outbreak that Reveal Vulnerabilities in International Public Health Response
Principal Investigator:  Renee Crawford
Location:  Atlanta, Ga
Partners: CDC

All-Stars Project:  Siempre Me Critica: Unintended Pregnancy in Ocotal, Nicaragua
Principal Investigator:  Samantha Luffy
Location:  Ocotol, Nicaragua
Partners: Dochyta Falcon, Roger Rochat, GEMMA Fund

All-Stars Project:  Barriers to Enrollment in the Affordable Care Act Health Exchanges for the Hispanic Community
Principal Investigator:  Audrey McCulloch
Location:  Georgia
Partners: HOLA Doctor

All-Stars Project:  Prevalence of Disability in Postwar Jaffna District, Sri Lanka: A Retrospective Population-Based Study
Principal Investigator:  Samantha Perkins
Location:  Sri Lanka
Partners: CDC

All-Stars Project:  The Implications of the Past on the Present: A Case Study on Gender-Based Human Rights Culture in Guatemala
Principal Investigator:  Christina Renquist
Location:  Guatemala

Project:  Human Papillomavirus Vaccination in Brazil:  Perceptions and Implementation

Brazil 2014_IzaLocation:  Sao Paulo, Brazil
Partners: University of Sao Paulo, School of Medicine
Staff: This project was conducted by a 2014 GHI team-Misha Baker, Ellen Chiang and Daniella Figueroa-Downing

The goal of this project was to conduct baseline data collection on the implementation and acceptability of Brazil’s national HPV vaccination campaign at 5 basic health units in metropolitan São Paulo from May-August 2014. The objective was to investigate provider perceptions and the socio-cultural contexts that influence HPV vaccine acceptability among parents with adolescents in the target age range. Our team used a mixed-methods approach by developing a qualitative interview instrument to assess parental perceptions and a quantitative survey to examine provider attitudes.

Additionally, we were able to conduct interviews with government stakeholders about the process of implementing the national HPV vaccination program and which resulted in a manuscript that has been submitted for review.

Three members of the Global Health Institute (GHI) team are using the data collected on the HPV vaccine acceptability for bachelor’s and master’s theses. The team also plans to submit their findings for publication in peer-reviewed scientific journals.  Our GHI team consisted of two master of public health students, a nursing student and a student from Emory College. GHI funding supported travel to São Paulo, Brazil.

All-Stars Project:  Thesis Title TBD
Principal Investigator:  Misha Baker

All-Stars Project:  Predicting health care providers’ recommendation and administration of HPV vaccine in São Paulo, Brazil
Principal Investigator:  Daniella Figueroa-Downing

All-Stars Project:  Thesis Title TBD
Principal Investigator:  Ellen Chiang

Project:  Undergraduate Education in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies

UndergradTeamLocation:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Partners: Center for Faculty Development and Excellence
Staff: This project was conducted by Katie Hatfield, Evelyn Howatt, Kelcie Landon, Michelle Leisner,  Meaghan Novi and Sam Perkins

This project provides innovative co-lectured education between undergraduate learners, graduate level instructors and CHE professionals through a sustainable approach. Our  undergraduate course in “Health in Humanitarian Emergencies” is co-taught by six Master of public health students who themselves are concurrently completing a graduate certificate in humanitarian emergencies.  This format allows for simultaneous teaching and learning across skill levels and academic units by bridging the undergraduate/graduate divide and engaging students from Emory College and the Rollins School of Public Health. The project provides a venue to introduce undergraduate students to public health challenges in humanitarian emergencies as well as an opportunity for graduate level students to gain teaching experience under the supervision of Dr. Evans.

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