Team Projects

Project:  All Stars
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA

The All-Stars are a group exceptional Master of Public Health students who are conducting their thesis research under the direct supervision of Dr. Evans.  Each student participates in a pre-summer departure training prior to their summer field experience.  Field experiences are supervised via scheduled Skype communications and site visits.  After returning to campus each All-Star participates in a monthly group meeting which includes thesis writing workshops, writing and peer review sessions.  Each member of the All-Star team is expected to publish their final thesis product in the academic literature.   

Project:  Atlanta Asylum Network
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Partners: Institute of Human Rights
Staff: This project is managed by Caitlin Donato
The Atlanta Asylum Network is program of the Institute of Human Rights at Emory that utilizes health professionals and student case managers who volunteer their time to evaluate asylum seekers. We provide affidavits of these evaluations to client’s lawyers for use in asylum hearings.


Project:  Center for Humanitarian Emergencies
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Partners: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Staff: This project is managed by Lara Martin

The Center for Humanitarian Emergencies at Emory (CHE@Emory) drives global collaboration, research and evidence-based training to improve the lives and well-being of populations impacted by humanitarian emergencies. The CHE@Emory combines the teaching and research strength of the RSPH with the applied technical skills of CDC’s Emergency Response and Recovery Branch (ERRB).  Synergistically, the CHE@Emory offers a variety of programs designed to increase domestic and international capacity for effective response to complex humanitarian emergencies.  These programs include 1) a Certificate in Complex Humanitarian Emergencies open to Rollins School of Public Health students on a competitive basis; 2) the Global Humanitarian Emergency Fellowship, a competitive fellowship that invests in its fellows to create public health leaders in developing countries; and 3) International, field-based practicum opportunities designed to educate and train students to work in global humanitarian emergencies. Notably, CHE@Emory has a larger cadre of technical experts in global humanitarian emergencies than any other university or public health school in the world, including 15 technical experts from ERRB serving as adjunct faculty in the Hubert Department of Global Health.  Together, Emory and CDC share a joint vision of improving the lives of populations impacted by global humanitarian emergencies.

Project:  Humanitarian Emergencies Research Team
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Partners: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Staff: This project is managed by Chad Chalker and Moira Wood

Established in 2013 this research group dedicated to working in the field of complex humanitarian emergencies (CHEs).  The team is co-mentored by Dabney Evans and Eva Leidman, a staff member with the CDC’s Emergency Response and Recovery Branch.  In its first two years, the team worked on a range  of projects including developing teaching materials for an undergraduate class on CHEs, developing reports for WASH and TB projects in Haiti, developing a diagnostic tool for CHEs, and lastly a major project performing data entry, cleaning, and basic analysis of Facility Assessment data from a Maternal Mortality Project in Haiti.  Now in its third year, the group is engaged in developing resources for discovering who at Emory and around Atlanta work in the field of CHEs, developing pre-departure information for workers deployed to emergencies, and expanding a variety of skills in the area of CHEs.  For more information or if you’d like to collaborate with the team, please contact

Project:  Health and Human Rights Curriculum Development
Location:  Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Partners: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Staff: This project is managed by Izraelle McKinnon

This project aims to develop a continuing professional education short course on health and human rights for public health professionals working at CDC headquarters, regional and country offices.

Project:  The relationship between Violence Against Women laws and Intimate Partner Violence
Location:  Santo Andre, Brazil
Partners: Faculdade de Medicina do ABC, Secretaria de politicas das mulheres
Staff: Kenneth Goughner, Olivia Manders, and Daniella Shojaie are engaged with the data analysis for this project.

The urpsoe fo this study is to examine community perceptions and individual experiences of intimate partner violence (IPV), one form of violence against women (VAW), from the perspectives of women and health care providers.  Thirty qualitative interviews were conducted with women and 120 quantitative surveys of providers in three health post in Santo Andre Brazil.