Team Members

Metasebia Balcha:  All-Star Team Member

Katie Curtis:  Atlanta Asylum Network Volunteer Coordinator & All-Star Team Member

katiecurtisKatie served as a Peace Corps Volunteer for two years in rural Senegal, where she worked on community nutrition and youth development. At Rollins she is focusing on health in humanitarian emergencies, and completed her practicum experience working with the Belize Ministry of Health on emergency preparedness. This year she is working as the Volunteer Coordinator for Atlanta Asylum Network and is conducting a qualitative analysis of AAN affidavits for her thesis.


Connor Fuchs:  Research Team Member



Connor is an Evans Research team member pursuing a JD/MPH from Emory University. His interests center around how the law can be used to improve health access and outcomes globally. He graduated from the University of Arkansas with a B.A. in Political Science. His prior experiences include research work in Bangladesh and Cambodia.


Maria Garcia Ruiz: All-Star Team Member



Monica is from Colombia, where she worked for several years at the National Institute of Legal Medicine and Forensic Science monitoring the data of injury of external causes and studying the factors that contributed to violent events, mainly in Bogota. At Emory, she is pursuing a Master of Public Health with focus on Community Health and Development. She is conducting her thesis project on gender based homicides that involve domestic violence in Georgia, and is a scholar of Emory Center for Injury Control.


Kenneth Goughner: Research Team Member


Kenneth is an Intervention Specialist for the Evans Research team.  He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Child Psychology.  Subsequently he served in the Peace Corps as a rural community health volunteer in Benin, West Africa in the capacity as a doula.  At Emory he is pursuing an Master of Public Health with as focus on Maternal and Child Health.





Mark Lamb: All-Star Team Member

marklambMark is a nurse pursuing a MSN/MPH at Emory. His thesis evaluates the integration of mental health into primary care services for the homeless and uninsured in Atlanta. Prior experience includes work in Liberia, Haiti, and post-Hurricane Katrina New Orleans.



Samantha M. Luffy, MPH: Evans Research Team Consultant

luffySamantha is a consultant to the Evans Research Team working on the development of an NIH proposal on an examination of Violence against women and access to reproductive health services in Brazil.



Olivia Manders, MA: Program Quality and Implementation Coordinator


Olivia joined the Hubert Department of Global Health in 2012 as Training Programs Manager for its Global Diabetes Research Center.  In 2016 she joined the Evans Research Team as its program quality and implementation coordinator.  Olivia holds master’s degrees in both Portuguese and Spanish from Vanderbilt University.  She has diverse experience in training and program management, and is pursuing a Master of Public Health with a focus on Community Health and Development.


Lara S. Martin, MA, MPH:  Program Manager, Center for Humanitarian Emergencies

LaraHeadshotLara is a medical anthropologist that manages emergency health and nutrition programs. Her research interests include exploring the intersection of conflict, nationalism, and health, the social determinants of health and conflict, emergency contraception, logistics in emergencies, and emergency preparedness/risk mitigation. She is a the program manager for the Center for Humanitarian Emergencies and works under the supervision of Dr. Evans.




Izzy McKinnon, MPH:  Teaching Team Member

Izzy is pursuing her PhD in Epidemiology at Rollins with an interest in psychosocial stress related to discrimination. During her time as a Global Health MPH student, she completed research determining Health and Human Rights training needs among CDC Locally-Employed Staff. She currently is designing a Health and Human Rights training for this population based on that needs assessment.

Skander M’zah: All-Star Team Member



Skander M’zah is a Medical Doctor from Tunisia. He is a second year MPH candidate at Rollins School of Public Health and a Fulbright scholar.  Skander participated in protests during the Arab Spring and worked as a clinician during sit ins and demonstrations where he helped victims of police violence. His focus is refugee health; in 2016 he worked within the  WHO – Gaziantep office in Turkey on the first morbidity and mortality study of Northern Syria. Skander’s thesis is a study of the mental health needs of Syrian refugees in Georgia.


Danielle Shojaie:  Research Team Member

Jennifer Peterson: Research Team Member


Jennifer is an instructional designer and international educator. She most recently worked on the integration of technology in teaching and learning in independent international schools located in São Paulo, Brazil, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Quito, Ecuador. In São Paulo, she also worked with an NGO focused on digital inclusion. Jennifer is pursuing a Master of Public Health with focus on Maternal and Child Health at Emory and hopes to return overseas to work on program development, monitoring and evaluation.



Jessica Rollin:  Atlanta Asylum Network, Clinical Coordinator